onna Ingemanson is an artist|illustrator|printmaker who specializes in lush, richly-colored, textural, painterly pieces with a quirky point of view and a knack for hand lettering and art licensing.
image Donna currently resides in Massachusetts but has also lived in Florida, New Hampshire, Washington state and Vermont. She has travelled the world for inspiration and her art is influenced by figurative painting, Japanese pottery, nature and improvisational art. Her work ranges from traditional mediums such as oil & acrylic paints, watercolor & gouache, pastels, crayons, pens & pencils to digital-sometimes in all one piece...Recently Donna has been experimenting with monotype printmaking which has enabled her to create artwork with a spontaneous and personal viewpoint.

Donna has worked extensively in illustration, art, design, advertising, art direction and has been involved with a wide variety of clients. Her artwork has an appeal to both children and adults and has appeared on wall decor, puzzles, posters, pillows, books, magazines, merchandise, advertising, textiles, and just about anything you can think of. Many of her original pieces have been featured in shows and galleries throughout the US.

In her spare time Donna has worked as a volunteer to create a farmers market in her neighborhood and is passionate about the importance of local foods, farms, a clean environment and sustainability of smaller creative businesses. Other worthy descriptions include: Avid Recycler, Optimist, Flower Collector, Music Appreciator, Visual Addict, Pre-Columbian Pottery Admirer, Farmers Market Photographer & Columnist, Beach Connoisseur, Cape Cod Lover and Urban-Rural Adventurer.

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